Our Guide to Buying the Best Refurbished Laptops
Our Guide to Buying the Best Refurbished Laptops


If you're looking for a cheap portable PC, refurbished laptops are the way to go.

Although they are not as aesthetically pleasing as brand new devices, refurbished laptops function exactly as they did when they left the factory and typically cost a fraction of the price.



What is a Refurbished Laptop?

A refurbished laptop has been restored to factory settings, had its data erased, and any malfunctioning parts replaced and cleaned. Refurbished laptops occasionally come with warranties, but not always.

Second-hand laptops are typically sold in their current state; as a result, the condition of second-hand laptops can range from spare parts to never used.

Refurbished laptops are typically sold by a manufacturer, retailer, or reseller, such as ourselves. Most refurbished laptops will be graded by quality when they are posted to an online store. The grading scale will differ depending on the online store or manufacturer, but it should give you a good idea of the laptop's quality.

The only real differences between refurbished laptops and new laptops are potential cosmetic flaws and the length of the warranty. If the refurbished laptop you're thinking about buying doesn't come with a warranty, we recommend you look elsewhere.

With so many online retailers offering low-cost refurbished devices, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search for a refurbished laptop. That's where we can help.


A must-have checklist for purchasing a refurbished laptop


  • Request a copy of the original receipt or proof of purchase.

To ensure that the item you're purchasing is genuine, request a physical or digital receipt. If the device is still under warranty, the receipt will come in handy if you need to file a claim. Most sellers should provide this without prompting – it's typically displayed among the photos in the product listing. If they don't have one or refuse to give it to you, stay away.


  • Look for a return policy.

There are no casual sellers who offer a return policy, but some people sell goods professionally on websites like eBay and have well-established eBay stores. If you are dissatisfied with the product, merchants like this may provide a 30-day or even 90-day return window. Of course, 90 days is no match for a one-year warranty on refurbished laptops, and you should also look into how long the seller has been in business and read the customer reviews to ensure that they follow through on their policy.


  • Make sure it works.

It's a no-brainer, but it's nonetheless significant. Turn on the laptop and experiment for a few minutes. Check for external flaws and ensure that all charging components are present and correct. If you have any doubts, don't spend your money. That slightly shaky power socket isn't going to get any stronger with more use.


  • Reset to factory settings

Check that the laptop has been factory reset before agreeing to meet the seller to buy it. You don't want a device containing a stranger's personal login information, files, and internet history for a variety of reasons.


  • Pay securely

If you're doing it in person, avoid bringing large sums of cash with you. PayPal is an excellent choice because the money is held by a middleman service before being transferred to the seller. Having a digital record of the payment makes it much easier to locate the seller if something goes wrong.


How much should I budget for?

Refurbished laptops are significantly less expensive than brand new laptops, so you will spend much less money.

However, your budget must still be considered. It may be a worthwhile time and money investment depending on how much you are willing to spend and what you use the laptop for, such as work, studying, creative suite, or general web use.


Refurbished Laptops for Less Than $200

Even when brand new, laptops under $200 are generally not the most powerful machines on the market unless they have been upgraded. Most new laptops purchased from a manufacturer have not been upgraded or customized.

Laptops under $200 typically have smaller and slower processors than more expensive models. Many laptops under $200 have only 4GB of RAM, making them only suitable for web browsing or word processing.

Too many windows open or too many tasks running at the same time will cause them to significantly slow down. A Lenovo Ideapad 110s, for example, has only 2GB of RAM and cannot handle too many tasks without closing other programs.

As a result, it is unsuitable for any complex tasks such as gaming or video editing. A refurbished laptop with the same specs can be purchased for much less than $200 and perform just as well as a brand new one.


Refurbished Laptops for Less Than $400

The specifications of refurbished laptops under $400 can vary greatly. Most notably, the RAM can range from 4GB to 8GB. New laptops in this price range will have more standard specifications, with RAM ranging from 2GB to 4GB.

Only very rarely will you find an 8GB RAM brand new laptop for this price, as laptops with around 8GB RAM tend to cost slightly more because they are newer generations of laptops with newer hardware.

Higher-end processors such as Intel Pentium, Core i3, and AMD Ryzen 3 will be found in new laptops priced around $400. Because refurbished laptop specs vary so widely, you can often find older laptops with high specs for around this price.

It's critical to consider both the specifications and the price, as you might find a real steal. For example, a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s with the same specs was $399 on one site but $499 on another.


Refurbished Laptops for Less Than $600

Refurbished laptops under $600 have the most diverse set of specifications. If you have more than $4600 to spend on a laptop, the best advice we can give you is to just buy a new laptop; unless you want to buy a refurbished MacBook, there are plenty of great alternatives under $600.

A refurbished laptop under £600 can be extremely versatile. 8GB RAM is easily available at this price, and more RAM can be found on occasion if you keep an eye out.

Processors such as the Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 are common in this price range, making a laptop with these specifications ideal for photo and video editing for creative tasks.

Some higher-spec refurbished laptops around this price point may be able to play some games, depending on their graphics cards. Look for thin laptops and light. The majority will include a high-definition screen and an SSD.


Refurbished Grades

The grading is one of the easiest things to look for when purchasing a refurbished device of any kind. The grades displayed on refurbished items indicate how worn and used they are.

Refurbished computers are typically classified into three types. Simply choose A, B, or C. Some retailers use different grades, such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze, but they are all similar and use the same grading system.



  • A+ grade

Grade A is the best of the best, and these refurbished devices have seen very little use. Typically, they have few to no marks on them. You'd probably buy a graded A laptop in its original box with all of its accessories, with the computer still in factory settings.

It's as close to new as you can get. Some retailers, most notably Apple and Dell, sell refurbished devices in excellent condition for a lower price.


  • B+ grade

Grade B laptops are significantly more worn and used. The damage will be mostly on the case or cover; the wear and tear are unlikely to affect the computer's performance. The original box and any accompanying accessories are unlikely to be included with the device.

Grade B devices will be much cheaper than grade A, but if you're lucky or eagle-eyed, you might be able to find a grade B computer that meets the same standards as grade A.


  • C+ grade

Grade C refurbished devices are the lowest tier of refurbished devices available before the device is essentially spare parts. You are unlikely to receive the original accessories, but you will receive a charger.

Grade C is the lowest grade and will most likely be outfitted with low-grade specs and hardware.


It's important to remember that some online sellers don't use grades and instead rely solely on price to entice customers to buy. Remember to look at the seller's rating as well as the specifications and pictures on the listing.

When purchasing a refurbished laptop, there are numerous factors to consider. Here are a few that will give you a good chance of finding a good deal.

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