What Specs do I need in a Refurbished Laptop?
What Specs do I need in a Refurbished Laptop?

One of the most common questions that customers ask us is; What Specs do I need in a Refurbished Laptop?

But there are many other questions that you must get answered to ensure that your purchase of a refurbished device is the best choice for your needs

Therefore, here are the answers to most questions that will help you test the right device for you.


What processors are used in refurbished laptops?

What exactly is a processor? That simple. This is the mind of a computer. As a result, it is one of the most important specifications to consider when purchasing a laptop. The computer will run faster if the processor is faster.

You could look at and compare some laptop models, but keep in mind that they all have the same processor—say, an Intel Core i5. The i5 is a great mid-range processor found in premium laptops such as the MacBook Pro and Air, but keep in mind that Intel releases new versions of the i5 every year. Companies such as Apple and Dell purchase these chips from Intel and install them on their laptops. As a result, a laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor from 2015 will not perform as well as a laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor from 2019. Isn't it perplexing? Just keep in mind that newer laptops are typically faster than older models in the same series.

If only it were as simple as purchasing a new laptop with a high-performance processor. When it comes to determining how well a refurbished laptop will perform, there is one more factor to consider: RAM. Random-access memory (RAM) is commonly available in capacities of 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB and provides important information about how many tasks a computer can handle at once. So you can get a modern processor, but if your computer only has 4GB of RAM, it may slow down when you open a lot of apps. We recommend purchasing a refurbished laptop equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor and at least 8GB of RAM.

" RAM " or Random Access Memory, is the hardware that stores and retrieves data. RAM is the primary memory on a laptop or desktop computer; the faster and larger it is, the faster it can read stored data and the more tasks it can run at once.


How Much RAM Do I Require?

Most laptops have 8GB of RAM as standard, with low-end hardware and Chromebooks having 4GB. High-end laptops with memory ranging from 16GB to 32GB for the most powerful devices. As previously stated, Chromebooks primarily work in the cloud and have very little storage space, as well as only around 4GB of RAM, making them ideal for word processing and web browsing.

With 4GB of RAM, you can download some apps from the Google Play store to enhance the functionality of your Chromebook.

Windows and MacBooks, on the other hand, may require a bit more punch; 8GB of RAM is ideal for laptops running these operating systems. If you intend to do difficult and time-consuming tasks on your laptop, such as creative work or gaming, you should consider upgrading your RAM to 16GB.

You can upgrade to 32GB of RAM if you need to, but you could also get a desktop with more freedom for upgrades and ease of use.


What about storage space? How many gigabytes will I require?

Even slim laptops, such as the MacBook Air, have seen a significant increase in storage space in recent years. Furthermore, if you intend to purchase a subscription to a cloud account that allows you to store files by default, a laptop with limited internal storage may be ideal for you. If you like the idea of the cloud, storage space shouldn't be a major concern. However, if you intend to store a large number of files on your laptop or prefer the idea of having enough storage space for all of your needs, consider purchasing a laptop with a 512GB or 1TB solid-state drive (SSD).

I would not recommend purchasing a computer with a hard disc drive (HDD) because this storage method is generally slower and less reliable over time than solid-state.


Where can I select the finest laptop?

We moved on to the most important part, where you can get the best-refurbished device, after answering the majority of your questions.

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